Two friends on an adventure across the American West that will change their lives forever

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A New Kind of

Nightmare From

R. Lee Morgan

Webb Saddler has a shady past, but he's tried to clean up his life. He swears he's out of the game for good. Since he was young, he's had one constant friend - Ollie. But Ollie has no plans to better himself in that way, it's just too damned lucrative to keep keeping on. 

When the duo plans a road trip across the country ending with a Vegas March Madness watch party weekend, they encounter an obstacle. A big one that Webb sees as his fault.

With a change of circumstances, and an interruption in the fun, Webb takes on a task that turns from inconvenient to disastrous in the Valley of the Gods. It's a point of no return. 

The friends try to resume their weekend of gambling, fandom and over-indulgence, but what follows is a pressure cooker of desperation, fear, danger, and death.  He never knew the way to the straight and narrow would be on such a crooked road.

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The Rabbit Killers

Horror in the rural South

When Jim meets Grimshaw, a friendly St. Bernard, at his home in the North Carolina mountains, he's not really looking for companionship. 

Still, he takes an immediate liking to the big fella, and decides to call him his own unless someone comes looking for him. 

But when Jim realizes the dog may be connected to a story he sees on the news, the gruesome murder of a local elderly couple, he knows he should report the missing dog so that the police have all the available information. The dog, as it turns out, didn't belong to the murdered couple at all... but he is connected to a victim. 

What follows is a journey down a horrific rabbit hole where evil lurks just below the surface of the small town. 

The 2022 story of friendship, determination, and revenge that readers said they couldn't put down!

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